Paris: Part I – Springtime

“Paris is always a good idea”

“Ajoutez deux lettres à Paris, et c’est le paradis”

Pro Tip: Never say no to Paris. Even though I’ve been twice before, Paris is a city I keep finding back my way back to, and every time it’s magic.  This was my first trip to Paris in the spring and it stole my heart.  There was so much color everywhere.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures, so even though this was one of my shorter trips, it’s probably going to be spread out in the most posts.

We booked train tickets months in advance when they were cheap, but that was the extent of our planning.  Three months later, we showed up in the city ready to go. Because we’d both been to Paris before, we didn’t feel the pressure to see everything in 48 hours, or even the main touristy things (case in point: we only went to see the Eiffel Tower b/c we had time to kill before our train left). This made for a nice, leisurely weekend, allowing us to visit some places we hadn’t thought of before.



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