Mont Saleve and Lavaux

Despite how it may seem I don’t leave Geneva every weekend. One weekend,I spent in town I used to check out some of the local sites nearby.  Even though I am not an outdoorsy person by any means, this was one of the first nice weekends of the spring, so I had to take advantage of it.

The first place we went was Mont Salève, which is a mountain just over the border in France that has a lot of hiking spots and a view of the entire city of Geneva.

IMG_3351On the bus ride over, my friend decided she wanted to try paragliding off the mountain, but she needed cash. So we wander the little town looking for ATM. I thought this tiny french town had very Beauty and the Beast feel to it. IMG_3353Exhibit A that I’m not outdoorsy: We took the cable car up.

IMG_3363That’s Geneva. If you look real close you can see the jet d’eau which shoots out of the middle of Lake Geneva in the center of town

IMG_3371There goes E, off on her paragliding adventure. Don’t worry, she went tandem.  Allegedly they can glide all the way to the center of Geneva from the mountain.

On Sunday, we went to Lavaux, which is a UNESCO World Heritage recognized wine region. Most of the wineries are closed on a Sunday (as it most of Geneva) but there is one place that collects all the wine produced in the region where you can go and do a tasting on a Sunday.  So we went and tried some Swiss wine (a bit too light for my taste)



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