48 Hours in Copenhagen: The Last 24

Our second day in Copenhagen was rainy and grey, but we didn’t let that stop us from exploring more of the city.

rosenborg-palaceOur first stop was Rosenborg Castle.  This castle was built by Christian IV – fun fact: for like centuries all Danish Kings alternated between being named Christian or Frederick.  This castle wasn’t lived in very long and now used to house “some of the royal family’s inherited treasures.” In other words, it’s used for storage…imagine having so much stuff you have to use a castle for storage.  It’s also a very strange castle – dark, small, overly ornate, and at one point one of the Christian’s or Frederick’s bloody clothes are on display – but it’s where the crowned jewels are kept.

The Great Hall in Rosenborg

After Rosenborg, we stumbled upon the cutest little brunch spot.  We also learned about the Danish tradition of cake and tea in the afternoon, which you can bet we participated in.


We finished the day with a canal tour, even through it was cloudy and rainy, we could still see a good bit.


A little too cold for kayaking, in my opinion
These statutes were made by refugees in 2007 to show the hardship they face seeking protection.
The closest I got to the Little Mermaid. Fun Fact: she’s lost her head, twice. 
Where the Royal Family’s yacht docks
Cute little house boats all along the canals. 

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