48 Hours in Copenhagen: The first 24

I love Copenhagen! After 48 hours here, I want to go explore all the Scandinavian cities. Copenhagen was such a charming city and a perfect time away from Geneva.

Everyone bikes in Copenhagen
Our first stop was Christianborg Palace. Once the home to the royal family, it is now where Parliament sits, although the royals will use some of the rooms for special occasions. 

These bright color tapestries line the room used for state dinners.

The Queen’s Library
The Kitchen.  It is no longer used today. When the Royal family does have dinners at Christianborg, all the food is prepared off-site and brought in for the event.
I just love all the copper!
After Christiansborg, we went to Nyhavn, which is the canal frequently featured on postcards.
The marble church near the current palace that houses the royal family. 

4 thoughts on “48 Hours in Copenhagen: The first 24

  1. Copenhagen is on my wishlist as well.
    Is the city pedestrian friendly – walkable? Did you do any nice side trips out in the country?


    1. It is a very walkable city! We walked everywhere. I did not take any trips to the country, there just wasn’t time. But I’ve heard there is another castle nearby that’s on the seashore that’s a great place to visit.


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