A Day in Gruyères

Since weekends are pretty dead in Geneva, we decided to take the train to the nearby town of Gruyères, known for the cheese + fondue and chocolate.

aa-hot-air-ballonAs we walked to the village from the train station, hot air balloons started appearing and circling the valley.blue-hot-air-balloon3-hot-air-ballonslittle-townlittle-church-zoomed-outchaletNestled in the heart of the Old Village is the Gruyeres Chateau. It’s not much to look at from the outside, but the views – inside and out – are beautiful.
chateau-view-with-sun-flarefoggy-valleyknights-roompretty-color-wallFrom the Chateau, we went to the nearby La Maison du Gruyère, the cheese-making factory and learned more about the art of cheese than I ever wanted to know.big-cheese-2We ended the day at Maison Cailler, one of the oldest swiss chocolate factories. cailler-largeThis place is the like Willy Wonka in really life, offering a whimsical tour which ends with about a dozen pieces of (free) chocolate.


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